Jesus Is the Answer Dental Clinic


Jesus Is The Answer Dental Clinic is located in the heart of Nairobi’s Central Business District and is one of the most convenient dental clinics in the city. It does not only have highly qualified and experienced staff, but also modern dental equipment that makes work easy for the dentists and support staff.

Jesus is the answer dental clinic has been operational for more than 30 years and you can be sure that we have managed to build a reputation in the country, even got a few mentions in the press.
Our dedicated dentists are highly qualified with minimum requirements being an undergraduate degree in dental surgery. The staff is experienced as well given the time they have been exposed to the profession.

At Jesus Is The Answer Dental Clinic, we offer a wide array of dental care services ranging from general dentistry to legal issues. We have the equipment needed for general dental care, surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and the required personnel for dental or legal issues. Please have a look at our services pages to have a glimpse at the full list of our services.

We also offer teleconsultation at a small fee as well as in-patient management. Although we are yet to get our own admissions establishment, we still offer these services in partnership with good local medical centers such as Upper Hill and Menelik Medical Centers. We do provide legal dental services in case you need dental examinations or reports for your case. We also provide legal services such as court appearances, investigations such as x-ray and laboratory works. Please give us a call for the best dental services in town or visit us at our offices open Monday through Friday between and 5.p.m and 8.30 am to 12.00 p.m. on Saturdays.