Dental fillings are materials used to fill holes or gaps in decayed, broken, or damaged teeth. Dental fillings restore the shape and function of teeth and help prevent further damage, decay, or loss. Dental fillings are therefore mainly used in cases of:

  • Tooth decay,
  • Broken teeth where enamel has chipped off
  • Worn out or eroded teeth

The procedure is usually carried out in one visit and is painless.

There are various materials used for the fillings. The choice of material depends primarily on the dentist’s choice. The commonly used materials are:

  • Composites, are tooth-colored and highly favored by patients
  • Dental amalgam: this one grey colored, suitable especially for molars, its use is debated but in high demand
  • Glass ionomer cement: highly favorable for, and popular for use with children
  • Gold: occasionally gold is used as a dental filling material, often on patient demand where the dentist finds it possible